Stop The China Currency Manipulation
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Stop The China Currency Manipulation

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American Job Loses Due to China-US Trade
The red in the above map from the Alliance for American Manufacturing shows the job losses we've suffered from unfair trade with China. As you can see, we've lost jobs in every state, not to mention every congressional district. We cannot sit back while the Chinese government continues to manipulate currency, making its goods cheaper and ours pricier.

The severe trade imbalance America has with China has cost us an estimated 2.4 million jobs. Currency manipulation by the Chinese government has artificially made its goods cheaper and ours pricier. This month, we have the chance to do something about it.

Will the Treasury Department classify China as a currency manipulator in its April 15 report? Use the online tool below to contact The Treasury Department and The White House and demand they name the Chinese government a "currency manipulator."

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