Tell Obama TODAY: No Sweetheart Bank Deal In The SOTU!

Tell Obama TODAY: No Sweetheart Bank Deal In The SOTU!

Bankers who committed bank fraud deserve to be prosecuted and sent to jail. Enforcement of the law is vital to deter such behavior in the future.

Some of America's best state attorneys general are trying do just that — trying to get justice for Americans hurt by what the FBI called an "epidemic of fraud" by America's banks and mortgage lenders that contributed to widespread economic devastation in the US.

But today, government officials announced a deal in principle with the five biggest banks, offering a settlement before an investigation, at the wholly inadequate sum of $25 billion (when the six largest banks paid out $144 billion in bonuses last year alone). And on Tuesday, the President could embrace the sweetheart bank settlement in the State of the Union address!!!

Send a message to the White House today: Reject the sweetheart bank settlement. Investigate the banks that caused the housing crisis!

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