Tell the President: No Sweetheart Deal for Big Banks

Tell the President: No Sweetheart Deal for Big Banks

Bankers who committed bank fraud deserve to be prosecuted and sent to jail. Enforcement of the law is vital to deter such behavior in the future.

Some of America's best state attorneys general are trying do just that — trying to get justice for Americans hurt by what the FBI called an "epidemic of fraud" by America's banks and mortgage lenders that contributed to widespread economic devastation in the US.

Amazingly, officials in the Obama Administration are encouraging a deal which could insulate bankers who broke the law from investigation or prosecution. Officials in the Justice and Treasury Departments have been urging the states to support this sweetheart deal.

Please act now: Sign the petition to President Obama: Don't let banks off the hook for illegal practices that led to the housing crisis. Kill the deal and launch a federal investigation now.

Petition to President Obama:

We the undersigned urge you, President Obama, to launch an immediate investigation into what the FBI warned was an “epidemic of fraud” that contributed to the housing crisis and threw millions out of their homes. The proposed sweetheart deal that would prevent such an investigation from taking place should be stopped. It is vital that the laws be enforced, that those who broke the law be held accountable – or else Wall Street bankers will feel free to defraud people in the future.
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