Tell Republican Obstructionists: Stop Blocking Elizabeth Warren
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Tell Republican Obstructionists: Stop Blocking Elizabeth Warren

We've led a massive grassroots groundswell for Elizabeth Warren's appointment to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and rein in reckless bankers. And Senate Republicans have responded with parliamentary tricks to prevent the Senate from formally adjourning, and handcuff President Obama's ability to make a recess appointment.

This obstruction on behalf of the Wall Street homewreckers who caused the financial crisis is outrageous. It's time for Senate Republicans to feel the wrath of Main Street. Send a message below to the Senate Republicans: stop blocking Elizabeth Warren from leading the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Stop Blocking Elizabeth Warren

We, the undersigned, call on the Senate Republican Caucus to stop using parliamentary tricks to block the possible appointment of Elizabeth Warren to be first head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Your refusal to consider any nominee to the position without the gutting of the bureau is an unconscionable attack on consumers on behalf of Wall Street. And your recent moves to prevent the President to make a recess appointment further show where your allegiances lie. Until you cease this political blackmail, you will be justly deemed the opponent of the middle class.
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