Not Just Simpson. Take Social Security Off The Table.

Not Just Simpson. Take Social Security Off The Table.

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UPDATE: Despite the thousands of you who responded to our call last week to oust Alan Simpson from the White House debt commission, the White House has accepted Simpson's narrow apology and he's expected to remain as co-chair. We will not stop insisting Simpson be removed. But the bigger issue is that Social Security does not belong on the debt commission table.

Please sign our petition calling the White House take Social Security off the commission table, and help spread the word about our campaign.

Click here to view our original call to action.

Alan Simpson's insulting comments are just the latest example of a long career spouting misinformation about Social Security. He has no place co-chairing the White House debt commission.

Before he called Social Security "a milk cow with 310 million tits" he called recipients "greedy geezers" who "live in gated communities and drive their Lexus to the Perkins restaurant to get the AARP discount" -- even though the average beneficiary receives only $13,900 a year. He has dismissed the Social Security trust fund as a "bunch of IOUS" that was raided to "build the interstate highway system," a complete falsehood.

Use the form below to sign our petition to the White House demanding Alan Simpson be fired from the debt commission, and have Social Security taken off the debt commission table.

Please Sign this Petition to the White House and Congress

Social Security does not contribute one penny to the national debt. Yet the White House debt commission co-chair Alan Simpson repeatedly spreads misinformation about Social Security's finances. The commission lacks credibility so long as he is on it. I demand Simpson be fired and Social Security be taken off the debt commission table.
This petition is no longer active.
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